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New King Palmers

The Two Gentlewomen of Dover

Who’s Afraid of the Booker Prize?





Hooley runs a psychotherapy practice, though not with great success, as she remains only one step ahead of her business creditors. In her personal life she fares little better, Hooley having mortgaged herself heavily in order to buy a rundown vicarage. At the play’s opening, this is a property occupied by squatters, whom Hooley finds it almost impossible to evict (this is the sub-plot). The main plot centres on Pollock, one of Hooley’s clients, and Hopkins, a religious fanatic. Pollock and Hopkins are identical in appearance. Pollock is convinced that if he hasn’t done so already, he’s about to murder someone, while Hopkins believes that the cosmos is a struggle between good and evil. According to Hopkins, he himself is representative of good, while Pollock, his double, is representative of evil. Hopkins has given himself the task of eliminating this evil, and it is around this that the whole comedy revolves, as a life-and-death struggle that Hooley and her PA, through no fault of their own, are drawn into. Both plot and sub-plot build to a comi-tragic climax.

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