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The Two Gentlewomen of Dover

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The Two Gentlewomen of Dover

The Two Gentlewomen of Dover is an adaptation and update of Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, with gender and role inversions. Valentina and Portia are the play’s central characters, with everything that happens revolving round them.

Valentina prepares for her new job in the West End of London, in the marketing department of Italian shoe giant Kudos. She ribs her friend Portia over Portia’s infatuation with Julian, which keeps her in Dover. Portia tries to show that Julian isn’t the reason she is staying behind, saying she can’t stand him. Julian is playing much the same game, and affects to be aghast at a love note Portia has sent him by tearing it to pieces.

Meanwhile Aston is fed up with his daughter Portia forever sponging off him, and plans to pack her off to a law firm in Serjeants’ Inn, where he has heard of an opening.

Valentina, now working at Kudos in London, falls in love with Silvain, who in his student vacations is also working there, where his father is MD. Hearing that Valentina is a graduate of English lit, he asks her, on his behalf, to pen a love sonnet for someone he has recently taken to (in reality Valentina herself), and which he intends to dispatch through Kudos’s internal mail.

Portia, reluctantly, follows her friend to London, and starts work in the Serjeants’ Inn law firm. It emerges that Silvain’s father, the Kudos MD, wants him to marry Signora Thurio, here on a business visit from head office in Milan. However, Valentina and Silvain plan to marry quietly in a register office, Valentina having had the ruse with the sonnet patiently spelt out to her.

Learning of this, Portia intends to leave Julian and betray Valentina, by telling the MD of Silvain’s plans for a secret wedding. Portia is now intent only on bedding Silvain herself. However, Julian decides to follow Portia to London, disguised as a female punk called Sabrina.

On an email from Portia, MD now foils Valentina plan, and fires her. Valentina is exiled to Epping Forest, where she becomes manager of an ill-reputed tyre remould shop. Thurio, hopeful herself of winning over Silvain, agrees to help him on his way to Epping Forest, so that he can meet up with Valentina. News of this plan also leaks out, so that in the final action everyone bar Aston and Lucy descends on the Epping Forest tyre remould shop, where Portia sees this as her best chance of imposing herself on Silvain. He repels her advances. Frustrated, she tries to force herself on him, but at just this moment he is reconciled with Valentina. Thurio can see where she stands, and tells everyone she must get back to her aging mother in Milan, and some important business she has with a football club. Julian sheds his disguise, and having delivered a strongly worded anti-feminist tract, amazingly will still marry Portia. MD, in a change of heart, offers to buy shares in the remould business, enabling it to invest in new equipment, staff retraining and better quality stock, as a blessing on the couple Silvain and Valentina.

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